DOC to Other Format - Part 2

DOC to Other Format - Part 2

In this section, we will explore the remaining formats as well as the technical aspects to complete this work.

What is EPUB?

  • The EPUB file format (short for Electronic Publication) is an e-book format with the extension .epub. You can download EPUB files and then read them on your smartphone, tablet, e-book reader, or computer. This free e-book standard supports more e-book readers than other file formats. EPUB 3.1 is the latest of EPUB. It also supports embedded audio and video.

How to open EPUB files

  • Most e-book reader applications like B&N Nook, Kobo eReader, and Apple's iBook application can open EPUB files. We must convert EBUB files before using them on Amazon Kindle.
  • We can also open EPUB files on your computer with several free programs, such as Caliber, Adobe Digital Editions, iBooks, Sumatra PDF, EPUB File Reader, Stanza Desktop, Okular, and many more.
  • Many iPhone and Android apps also allow viewing EPUB files. There is even a Firefox add-on (EPUBReader) and the Chrome (Simple EPUB Reader) application that allows you to read EPUB files in your web browser just like other documents.
  • Google Play Books is another way you can open an EPUB file by uploading the EPUB files to your Google account and then viewing them through the web application.
  • Because the EPUB file has the same structure as a ZIP file, you can rename the EPUB e-book, replace the .epub. with .zip., then open the file with a file compression program. Inside, you'll see the content of the EPUB eBook in HTML format, as well as the images and styles used to create EPUB files. EPUB file format supports embedded data such as GIF, PNG, JPG, and SVG.
  • Note: Some EPUB files are DRM-protected, meaning we can only open them on specific devices that have been licensed to view the book. If you are unable to open the e-book using the above programs, you should see if the text is protected by the above method, so that you can take appropriate measures to open it.

How to convert EPUB files?

  • Since most computers don't have the default program to open EPUB files, so to view this file, we have to convert it first, and here are ways to convert EPUB files.
  • Caliber is one of the the leading program to convert EPUB files to another format. It converts most other eBook formats, including those compatible with Amazon Kindle. Some supported converters include EPUB to FB2, HTML, LIT, LRF, MOBI, PDF, PDB, RTF, TXT and SNB.
  • Using Online eBook Converter ( is another way to convert EPUB files from another format quickly. The website also has an EPUB converter that allows you to convert other types of files into this format, such as convert PDF to EPUB format. This way is a super simple way to create e-books from your original document file.
  • is an indispensable online EPUB converter. You can use some websites to convert EPUB files to FB2, PDF, TXT, and other similar text formats.
  • You can try converting EPUB files by opening the file in one of the e-book readers and choosing to save or export the data in another format. However, this is not as effective as using Caliber or an online converter.

What is XML?

  • XML (Extensible Markup Language) is an extended markup language. XML is a type of markup language, which functions to transmit data and describe many different types of data.
  • The primary purpose of XML is to simplify data sharing between platforms and systems connected to the Internet. Therefore, XML has a significant effect on sharing and exchanging data between systems.
  • Characteristics of XML:
  • XML is used for structured data.
  • Visually, XML is quite similar to HTML.
  • Although it is text, XML is not readable.
  • XML is usually very long.
  • XML is considered a bridge that brings HTML to XHTML and is the foundation for RDF and Web coding.
  • XML is a module.
  • XML is copyright free, platform independent and very well supported.
  • Advantages of XML
  • The biggest advantage of XML is independence. This advantage is also easy to understand because we will use XML to describe data in text form, so most software or normal programs can read them.
  • XML can read and analyze data sources quite quickly, so we use it with the primary purpose of exchanging data between different programs and systems. XML is used for the Remote Procedure Calls to serve website services.
  • Disadvantages of XML
  • The error rate when using XML to transfer data is about 5-7%. This number is not too high, but in fact, people still need to consider it before using it to exchange information.
  • Reading XML files with any software?
  • Unlike PDF, the only XML reader software currently appreciated is iTaxViewer.
  • In addition, there are some other tools used with XML such as:
  • Edit and edit XML files: XML Notepad, Altova XMLSpy Enterprise Edition
  • Convert XML format: A-Z XML to PDF Converter, Total CSV Converter, Word Cleaner, PDF to XML.

What is ODT?

  • ODF stands for Open Document Format for Office Applications (also known as OpenDocument in English) is a file format of the compressed Zip family of XML used to save electronic documents such as letters and documents. Spreadsheets, charts, and presentations. ** O**rganization developed this standard for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS). The specifications of the standard were developed based on Sun Microsystems specifications for XML formats for Dedicated to the purpose "to provide an open standard for office documents." In addition to being an OASIS standard, version 1.0 was published as an international standard ISO / IEC, ISO / IEC 26300: 2006 Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) v1.0.

DOC with any format

All of the methods used in this example are part of the Word Office Component library, so make sure you have our library installed.

  • C# Version:
    using System;
    using System.IO;
    using OfficeComponent.Word;
  • VB Version:
    Imports System.IO
    Imports System.Text
    Imports OfficeComponent.Word  

Note: You will probably want to use the results of this example for other tasks, so create your storage path.

  • C# Version: public string FilePath;
  • VB Version: Public FilePath As String

Next, let's initialize constructors with a different number of parameters to serve many requirements.

  • C# Version:
        public DOCToOtherFormatsExample()
            : base(null,null)


        public DOCToOtherFormatsExample(string commonDataPath, string outputDir)
            : base(commonDataPath, outputDir)


        public DOCToOtherFormatsExample(string commonDataPath, string outputDir, string xmlFile) : base(commonDataPath, outputDir, xmlFile)

  • VB Version:
        Public Sub New()
            MyBase.New(Nothing, Nothing)

        End Sub

        Public Sub New(ByVal commonDataPath As String, ByVal outputDir As String)
            MyBase.New(commonDataPath, outputDir)

        End Sub

        Public Sub New(ByVal commonDataPath As String, ByVal outputDir As String, ByVal xmlFile As String)
            MyBase.New(commonDataPath, outputDir, xmlFile)

        End Sub

For the execute function, create yourself a new Word document.

  • C# Version: WordDocument document = new WordDocument(FilePath);
  • VB Version: Dim document As New WordDocument(FilePath)

We will use this Word variable to store the existing Word document on our computer. We have included the WordDocument class in our Word Office Component library.

Converting a Word document to another format is extremely fast, with just one line of code.

  • C# Version: string fileName = Path.Combine(OutputDir, this.GetType().Name + "_" + Guid.NewGuid().ToString() + GetExtension(SaveAsFormat));
  • VB Version: Dim fileName As String = Path.Combine(OutputDir, Me.GetType().Name & "_" & Guid.NewGuid().ToString() & GetExtension(SaveAsFormat))

Explanation: The above code will create a new file with SaveAsFormat as the format you want to convert.

Saving the newly created file and closing the document will complete our work.

  • C# Version:
            document.Save(fileName, SaveAsFormat);
  • VB Version:
          document.Save(fileName, SaveAsFormat)

Note: For the Web version, you will need to initialize an IList SaveAsFormat to store all the desired formats.

  • C# Version:
        protected internal override IList<Tuple<string, string>> SaveAsFormats
                return new List<Tuple<string, string>>()
                    new Tuple<string, string>("Doc", "DOC format"),
                    new Tuple<string, string>("Docx", "DOCX format"),
                    new Tuple<string, string>("WordML", "WordML format"),

                    new Tuple<string, string>("Rtf", "Rtf format"),
                    new Tuple<string, string>("Txt", "Txt format"),
                    new Tuple<string, string>("EPub", "EPub format"),
                    new Tuple<string, string>("Xml", "Xml format"),
                    new Tuple<string, string>("Html", "Html format"),
                    new Tuple<string, string>("Odt", "Odt format"),
  • VB Version:
        Protected Friend Overrides ReadOnly Property SaveAsFormats() As IList(Of Tuple(Of String, String))
            'INSTANT VB TODO TASK: This type of object initializer has no direct VB equivalent prior to VB10:
                Return New List(Of Tuple(Of String, String))() { New Tuple(Of String, String)("Doc", "DOC format"), New Tuple(Of String, String)("Docx", "DOCX format"), New Tuple(Of String, String)("WordML", "WordML format"), New Tuple(Of String, String)("Rtf", "Rtf format"), New Tuple(Of String, String)("Txt", "Txt format"), New Tuple(Of String, String)("EPub", "EPub format"), New Tuple(Of String, String)("Xml", "Xml format"), New Tuple(Of String, String)("Html", "Html format"), New Tuple(Of String, String)("Odt", "Odt format") }
            End Get
        End Property

The full source code of this example is available in our Word package.

A live demo for DOC To Other Formats is also available on our site. If you also need PDF functionality, check out our Word online demos.

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