Introduction to our HTML to PDF Converter Library for .NET


The OfficeComponent PDF lets you add the capability to convert any HTML webpage to PDF documents by just adding a few lines of code. The HtmlToPdfConverter class allows you to set several advanced conversion options. We take advantage of that class with the following code snippet:

// Create a new converter.
var c = new HtmlToPdfConverter()
	ViewportWidth = Width,
	ViewportHeight = Height,
	PageSize = PageSize,
	PageMargin = Margin,
	Portrait = Portrait,
	Delay = ConversionDelay,
	Timeout = Timeout,

	SinglePage = SinglePage

// Convert URL
c.ConvertAsync(Url, outputPath, OnConversionComplete);

If you wish to convert an HTML string to PDF, use the following line of code instead

// Convert the specified HTML string.
c.ConvertStringAsync(HtmlString, HtmlStringBaseUrl, outputPath, OnConversionComplete);

The full source code of this example is available in our PDF package.

A live demo for converting HTML to PDF is also available on our site. If you also need PDF functionality, check out our PDF online demos.

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