A Comprehensive PDF Toolkit for .NET

OfficeComponent PDF for .NET is a set of flexible, easy-to-use and comprehensive APIs to be used with .NET Framework, adding to your application the ability to generate, load, modify, convert, and render PDF documents without using Adobe Acrobat or any other third-party libraries.

It's a feature rich PDF API that support working with many PDF standards. When combined with Word and Excel components, you can use it to convert Word and Excel files to PDF with a few lines of code. It offers easy table manipulation, graph & image functions, PDF compression, hyperlink functionality, custom font handling. Moreover, developer can use the form API to manage form fields embedded in the PDF documents. To help you get started quickly, it includes many C# and VB.NET code snippets and example projects.

Advanced Features

API to create and modify PDF documents On the fly

The new and rich set of APIs let you access all the PDF elements in a document including text, images, shapes, and tables.

Convert HTML to PDF with latest HTML5 and CSS3 supports

OfficeComponent PDF also includes API to convert HTML to PDF documents.

Convert PDF to Text and Image

With as little as 3 lines of code, you can implement robust PDF to text or image conversion features for your .NET apps.

Convert RTF and XPS to PDF

Our PDF tool is a good choice when you need to convert RTF and XPS documents to PDF.

Add, update, delete text & images from PDF documents

You can add text, images from any sources to PDF documents.

Add headers & footers during PDF generation

You have full control over how the headers and footers are generated.

Add, modify, extract & delete attachments and Annotations

Our PDF product fully supports adding, altering attachments and annotations of new or existing PDF documents.

Create, update, remove, import/export form field data

It offers the capability to create and modify form fields in PDF documents. Import/export functionality is also supported.

Add, update & remove security constraints

You can encrypt and decrypt your PDF documents with either 40-bit, 128-bit or 256-bit encryption algorithm in just a few lines of code.

Encrypt, Decrypt, add and remove passwords information

You can also encrypt, decrypt and remove passwords information.

Add & remove watermarks from PDF document

You may also add images or text as watermark while generating PDF documents or editing existing ones.

Insert, extract, append & concatenate PDF documents

It allows you to merge two or more PDF documents, append news pages to an existing PDF file, insert and extract pages in range or at specific page number.

Add tables & Graph objects during PDF generation

It provides support for many different types of graphs: graphs can be drawn on any page location specified by coordinates and existing graphs can be rotated and scaled to suit your requirements.

Split PDF document into single page documents. Create booklet.

It lets you split PDF documents or create N-up's (number of pages over single page) and booklets.

Add headings & Table of contents during PDF creation

Adding headings and creating table of content using our PDF lib is very easy.

Set page margin, size, orientation, transition type, zoom factor and appearance

It allows you to specify document page size and margin of each section. You cal also control the margin of each paragraph.

No Server Deployment Fees

It's royalty-free and you do not have to pay for distribution fees and per-server licensing fees, making OfficeComponent PDF very cost-effective.

Lightning Fast Performance

Written by C# experts, the library deliver high performance and low memory footprint.

Resources and Support

Online Documentation

To access our online documentation, click here.

Blog posts

See a number of tutorials with code examples written by our developers at the Blog.

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