Easily convert any PDF documents to images

PDF to Image Converter adds the capability to convert PDF documents to images which can be in many formats. It can be integrated into your .NET WinForms, MVC, ASP.NET, Services, Console and WPF applications with a simple reference step and some lines of code.

The tool converts PDF documents and store images in .NET Image objects, making it possible to futher process the image before saving to files. During the rasterization operation, you can apply the resolution and colorspace to the output image objects.

Key Features

  • Exports a range of PDF pages to images
  • Source documents can be in memory, stream or file on disk
  • Choose format for the output images
  • Open and convert password protected PDF files
  • Thumbnails for PDF pages
  • Retrieves PDF document information and the number of pages
  • Royalty-free redistribution
  • .NET 4.0 and later
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A Developer License allows ONE developer to create .NET applications using our product. The applications using the component can be redistributed to an unlimited number of PCs and servers. If you have more than one developer, please consider adding more licenses. If you have more than 5 developers, we would recommend purchasing the Company License. All the licenses are royalty-free and include a 1-year free support and major product updates.


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